Welcome to LARK 2.0

For 2019-2020, LARK is taking an exciting departure from the the traditional model for homeschool cooperatives, one that has served us well the past two years. We are always looking to meet the community's needs, and we've seen and heard your shifting priorities as you send roots deep into the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

This year, LARK will be divided into two distinct semesters of 12 weeks. September hails the start of our Shakespeare club, for students of all ages to delight in the wisdom and humor of the Bard. The semester (which includes the rehearsal and performance of an adapted script in the original language) requires a regular commitment for children and their parents, and we believe it's a great match for the energy of a new school year.

Once the holidays come and go, it's time for many to buckle down on homeschool, so we'll switch to a nature study club in January. Weekly excursions to a variety of natural environments in the South Florida area will allow for more flexible commitment while still offering instruction and guidance.

Choose one semester, or sign up for both! We're here to bring wonder and fun to your homeschool year.

What is LARK?

LARK stands for "Learn, Achieve, Rejoice, Know," ideas that animate our teachers and students in this K-adult program aligned to Mason's philosophy and designed to complement home education in the Miami area. In the past, classes have included Latin, Gouin language series, Swedish drill, folk dance, singing in harmony, dry-brush nature journaling, writing, and herbal medicine.

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