As John Holt quoted Wendell Johnson: “You can’t write writing." Charlotte Mason understood that writing and other creative work cannot be done well in a vacuum of ideas and feelings, as merely a skill for later use. Writing, art, and other forms of student expression should not be dismissed as exercises for the future because they are valuable as communication today. And that communication deserves a respectful audience!

Songbird Magazine is a members’ publication of Lark Rise, Inc. showcasing student work. Throughout the school year, encourage your students to submit their best artwork, writing, and other creative work. (Adults are students, too!) Songbird Magazine is published online annually in June.

submission methods

The deadline for submission is April 30. Submissions received after that date will be considered for the next year’s issue. There is no limit on the number of submissions that may be made.

You can submit your work by email at We accept files in PDF or JPEG formats. You can also mail your submissions to Lark Rise, Inc. ATTN: Songbird Magazine P.O. Box 562461, Miami, FL 33256. If you wish to have your original submission returned, please enclose a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage.

submission guidelines

Submissions can be made only by current members in good standing. Minors in a household are included in family memberships. Please refer to your application. (It’s easy to become a member of Lark Rise today.)

By making a submission you declare that all work is yours and original. (Reproductions of artwork in the public domain are acceptable.)

All submissions must be clearly labelled with work title, student name, student age, and date of work. (Only first name and last initial of minors will be published with work. Students over the age 18 can be labelled “adult.”)

By submitting work to Songbird Magazine you agree that Songbird Magazine and Lark Rise, Inc. may edit and publish your work in the magazine and for promotional purposes. Furthermore, you agree that submissions may be edited for correctness and clarity at the discretion of our editors.

While we value the importance of free, creative expression and the exploration of sensitive topics, Songbird Magazine has a commitment to provide content suitable for our family audience. For this reason, we ask that submissions not include nudity or “mature” themes. Additionally, submissions will not be considered that conflict directly with the Nicene Creed and other governing documents of Lark Rise, Inc. We reserve the right to reject submissions without notice or explanation.

submission ideas

Art (drawings, paintings, etc.)

Book reviews


Devotionals and meditations

Diagrams and maps





Lesson plans

Musical compositions and songs

Narrations (written or transcribed)

Nature journal entries (drawings, charts, lists, etc.)


Photographs of multimedia artwork

Poetry and prayers

Recipes (original)

Reports (history, science, current events, etc.)

Short stories (fiction or nonfiction)

...and more!

Songbird Magazine